Opening up education for the future with training focused on fostering
  • Creativity
  • Personality
  • Sensibility
  • Empathy
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Vision Training hub for faculty staffs and public officials that brings positive changes in the field of education


  • Develope 520,000 trainees' core competencies and support professional development
  • Share and proliferate knowledge, information and culture
  • Activate cooperation with the local and global community


  • Field-oriented and self-directed training
  • Future-oriented environment of knowledge information
  • Field-oriented and self-directed training


  • Training intimately communicating with the field
  • Creation and proliferation of training atmosphere with creativity, personality, sensibility, and empathy
  • Activation of cooperation for educational globalization
  • Education focused on experience, discussion and network
  • Performing as a knowledge information hub and meta training center
  • Co-development training with local community